Abbie Gonzalez
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DirectX Sucks is the best DOS game ever, but are you skilled enough to configure the game to run? 

Of course you are, DOS is easy, and DirectX and Windows for gaming was always overkill and unnecessary. 


DirectXSucks ships with safe default assumptions about your VIDEO CARD and SOUND CARD, but these could be wrong. Make sure you pick the correct IRQ number for both your video card and sound card. 

The makers DirectXSucks CANNOT be held liable for DESTRUCTION resulting from selecting an IRQ used by another device, or already in use by your computer. If you don’t know that unknown IRQs may be used by the system, that’s your problem.

Once you have configured your SOUND CARD and VIDEO CARD, you can TEST your settings. If the settings work, you can then play the greatest game in the world, DirectXSucks!

If you are especially persistent, you'll find several outcomes and you find the hidden debug mode.


DirectXSucks was written during a DOS gamejam and made to parody the difficulty of getting DOS games running, with several endings.

It runs on Windows, and on macOS and Linux with .Net installed.

I want this!


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